Friday, April 29, 2016

Upcoming Release from Japan

♡♡Minitsumu & Ice House Set♡♡
New Tsum Tsum release from Japan. . Set to launch May 3, 2016..
Comes with 4 adorable tsum tsums♡
This set come with Chip, Dale, Daisy and Donald. . It has a lovely pastel color motif to it :) Daisy has heart's and a bow while the boy's are wearing ice cream cones on their heads :) Comes with an adorable bag to store them in!
Sells for roughly $41 US

New Trading Pins

☆Popcorn Tsum Tsum☆
New pins from Hong Kong Disney have been released :) These reportedly go for around $25 US each pin..

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Game Event Coming May 1, 2016

Star Wars Tsum Tsum event will be starting May 1, 2016 and running until June 19, 2016.. Part 1 will start on May 1 and go till May 30.. Part 2 will start on June 1 and end June 19..  Can't wait. . Will post more details as soon as more come available :)

Welcome to my page! :)

 Here you will find information on all things Tsum Tsum! I will be post information on product launches, game info (tips and tricks) and anything else that I can find out about these cute little guy's! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Also I will be setting up an Instagram Page.. An soon to follow will be an Etsy and Ebay store as well :)