Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Event, Capsules, and Differences From Japan's Server

Wow that is a long winded title so without further adieu I am back for another post that will pull me back from whats can only be described as possibly the most addicting and easily distracting phone app next to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, Pokemon Go. So while I was taking a moment to appreciate the new game, the new event started, celebrating the games anniversary, and the event does reward you with another pin like usual, and we also got a musical tsum in the form of Bride Rapunzel and yes I know this is old news but hey I need to recap a bit. So while the other two princesses Aurora and Snow White will be staying in the premium box after the end of the month Bride Rapunzel will be leaving come the 31st. But before I get into that I need to talk about the.......


So the event has a cupcake theme which is neat I so far have seen about 4 of them (Yes I haven't completed the event I blame Pokemania) but there isn't a whole lot to the event. In terms of game-play it plays similarly to the previous events storm troopers and the event before that's Easter eggs. BUT you only have a possibility of seeing one at a time which significantly prolongs the event. Now you do get some nice rewards for completing the cupcakes like premium tickets and skill tickets but you can also get Marie according to the info I got so there's that. There really isn't a whole lot to say about the event other than if you managed to finish the previous event and got a fully skilled out Leia she will make tons of money and get you those rewards so I recommend if you didn't finish the Star Wars event or just started characters like Goofy or Tigger from the happiness box are good options but its somewhat dependent on luck. Pretty much most of the premium box tsum should do the trick minus transformation, and time-stop tsums with a few exceptions like B-day Anna and Maleficent.


Capsules or Time Capsules are special premium boxes essentially that show you what you can get and once you get one of the tsums from the capsule it will go away giving you a better chance at getting the other tsums in the capsules. These usually come around once a month (So far they've been pretty consistent) but the big part of these capsules is that they can have limited tsums that aren't available anymore (Bumblebee Pooh) or aren't available at all normally (Arlo) so if you gotta collect them all and started half-way through or missed some removed tsums that supposedly will come back later in these (Jack, Zero, and Perry) THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT.... so anyway every one of them so far have had about 15 tsums in them and since they cost the same price as a normal premium box it will cost around 450,000 coins to get every, single, one and once you do you also get a sweet skill ticket to top it off. But if you have maxed out one of the tsums skill level entirely and you get a reroll, worry not as according to my info you will be compensated with a premium box ticket take that info with a grain of salt as I haven't done that myself haha. Now since they come once a month and you have all the tsums you want from the premium box saving up money for the capsules is a pretty good way to guarantee getting limited time tsums which is great so get grinding for coins.

Regional Differences!!!

So while I understand that having regional differences is pretty much guaranteed, it would be nice to have some of the things that the Japanese have that we kinda missed unfortunately now I won't go crazy on the details but we pretty much missed most of the big event tsums (Lilo, Abu) and don't even have access to quite a few tsums that weren't even part of events (Sally, Genie, the Romance Ariel set) now I also understand that we will forever be behind the Japanese servers that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about the specific tsums and the musical tsums we've missed so far (Jasmine, Luke, Vader, Belle). But since we got Bride Rapunzel I have some hope that they will reintroduce or upgrade the ones we missed into musical tsums that would be nice. Not to mention that for a while we had some exclusives (Zootopia) and then the moment the Japanese servers launched them BAMM! Judy becomes a musical...... I know I'm just moaning and groaning and that tsum tsums originally came from Japan but come on....

SO sorry about the rant at the end next time I post it will be about magical bubbles specifically and how you can manipulate them into what you want.