Friday, May 13, 2016

Star Wars event tips

So as you may know the Star Wars event has been going for a little while now and I was brought on to give some helpful information and tricks to make reaching the goal that much easier.

So to start if you managed to get your hands on a Star Wars tsum you are in luck they generally make the missions easier to complete but sometimes they won't be enough and you might be forced to reset so here are some good tips for some of the mission types. Oh and once you get C-3P0 or Leia they don't count for the character bonus so there's that.

Big tsum: This may be the most annoying mission type at least for me. tsums that are dedicated to creating big tsums are extremely recommended and none of the Star Wars tsums have that ability regardless if you happen to have Sully, Alice, or Baymax you won't have much trouble with these missions but if you don't, anything past clearing 3 or 4 big tsums is not likely.

Magical Bubbles: These missions aren't too bad as most tsums should give you at least one bubble to pop per special but there are tsums that can help such as Marie or Miss Bunny. But if you don't have them using specials that clear more than 7 tsums will give you a bubble with few exceptions (Vader). Now if you need specific bubble types like time, Exp, coin, or score bubbles it gets a bit more complicated. If you make a strict 7 chain you will ONLY make normal bubbles but go past that and you have a chance at making a time bubble the exact numbers for the special types are: normal 7-13, Time 9-16, Exp 11-18, coin 13-20, and score 15-21+. So with that said if you use tsums that clear numbers between what I stated you have a chance at getting that bubble the only guaranteed special bubble is a score bubble so long as you make a chain of 21 or higher.

Skills: Using skills x amount of times can be frustrating but did you notice that every tsum charges at different rates? YES, yes they do, its a balancing mechanic that can make or break a tsum. So for example Mickey takes 14 Mickey tsums to charge whereas Donald takes 12. There are also specials that once leveled up take less to charge such as Yoda, Vader, Pete, Pinocchio, and Sven although they may not see any other kind of bonus such as an increase in how many tsum they clear. But if you are having a difficult time with these missions Thumper is the best tsum for this his special charges after you clear 6 Thumpers.

Fever: Entering fever can be a problem especially when you need to do it 8 to 9 times this can be alleviated if you have a Star Wars tsum somewhat but not everyone has them so here's a tip if you use your special during fever you won't build the next one so if your goal is to enter fever as many times as possible save the special until you leave fever and then use it and immediately reenter fever.

And last but not least the storm troopers they are odd they only occur randomly so not everyone will encounter them often but they really don't do anything aside from give you money based on how many you cleared, the amount can range from 100 to 3000 should you clear them all which is surprisingly hard and can be risky should you use power-ups ESPECIALLY once the discount goes away. So don't spend more to 1500 as its not really worth it. The best tsums to use are tsums that clear x amount of tsums randomly rather than clearing the center or on a line as it gets really hard to clear them should they reach the bottom of the screen so tsums like Mater and Nick are very useful for the storm troopers.

I hoped some of this information helped I'll be posting about various random tsums going over what they could be used for and how they compare to each other. See you next time.

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