Friday, May 27, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum Game Mickey & Minnie Mouse Tsums

So the first tsum I want to talk about is one that everyone starts the game with and that's Mickey Mouse.
Everyone know's him
Everybody knows him and he is everyone's first tsum in this game and he is pretty good actually minus his low score. He counts as a black tsum, round ears, white hands, and clears the center with his skill. This is all somewhat obvious but some tsums out there have really odd things they count as.

His base score is 50 and it increases by 6 each time he levels so once he reaches max level each time you pop him during a game he will only earn you 344 points per Mickey. This is really low and he shares this quality with most of the happiness box tsums so trying to earn high scores with him may be difficult but what is good about him is his skill.

Mickey's skill clears the center it doesn't do a whole lot but there are some bingo cards that want you to use a skill that clears the center a certain amount of times and Mickey is the 2nd fastest charging skill in this category (only behind Thumper). It takes 14 Mickeys to charge the skill and it takes getting Mickey again from happiness boxes 7 times to max out the skill. But I need to complete the pairing.
Minnie Mouse has a lot in common with Mickey in terms of stats. She starts at 50 (just like Mickey) and increases by 6 per level (again just like Mickey) to cap at 344. She also counts as a black tsum, with round ears, and white hands but that's where the similarities end she also has a ribbon, blush, eyelashes, and her skill counts as calling in a sweetheart which can be hard to come by.
Her skill turns random tsums into Mickey's which can be cleared with Minnie. It takes 12 Minnie's to charge the skill and at level 1 it turns 7-10, and at max 10-13. This skill is very useful for making long chains from happiness boxes I think its second only to Eeyore but that's for another post.
That's a LOT of Minnie's
If you wait to use the skill til there are quite a few Minnie's to begin with you can make a massive chain.
That's all to say about Mickey & Minnie next week once the 2nd half of the event starts I will talk about the Star Wars tsums.

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