Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mickey Challenge & Money Farmers

Sorry for the delayed post I really need to work on the schedule thing hahahaha......

SO as you may or may not know the Star Wars event has ended and with it the characters exclusive to that but not even a week later we got a new event to mess around with and its the mickey challenge. Long story short its a competition for the high score using only Mickey. Over the course of the event which only lasts til' the 26th, people will be trying for high scores and as people score higher and higher the brackets will move around with them. So good news literally everyone actually has a fair shot at the higher level pins because everyone has Mickey and leveling Mickey actually doesn't really change a whole lot with his score but it could help (refer to my Mickey and Minnie post) though people who have skilled up Mickey will obviously have a slight advantage in the end it'll come down to some luck, the power cards you decide to use, and some skill.... Well that's all good but what do we get for being on top well we get pins ladies and gentlemen.... kinda disappointing would be nice to get a skill ticket or even a premium box ticket but oh well.... There really isn't a whole lot to say about this event so I'll move onto something I promised a couple weeks ago and that's.

So you need money for that capsule or lucky time but you average around 300 coins a game with would take 100 games to finally get that premium box and you draw...... the same tsum you already have well that sucks.... but I'll give you some tips that could help in your money building starting with basic gameplay.

So to start don't use any power tickets as they are only useful for high scores like for instance the new Mickey event unless you are willing to use freebies you may have gotten from events. You aren't going for high scores so prolong the game as much as possible use skills to get back into fever once it ends to get that extra sweet 5 seconds to the timer and prioritize longer chains if possible as you get only get coins with chains longer then 3 and it multiplies as the chain gets longer. With that out of they way I will give some example of both happiness box and premium boxes you should be using to farm money with.

So to start we have the mopey but good-hearted Eeyore. He is a transformation tsum that turns random tsums into Eeyore's which can make really long chains if your lucky or you ignore Eeyore for a while and let him build up and then make one long chain that could be worth a couple hundred coins by itself and it recharges itself in the process just don't waste too much time making the long chain. Onto another happiness character.
He's so goofy
It's Goofy and he is a very good starting tsum just like Eeyore. He clears random tsums so he's great for the fever ended so I'm gonna use my skill and pop the bubble to get back into fever strategy. He's also practically necessary for certain bingo cards so go get'em.
The son has arrived but where did he come from?
So now we move onto premium tsums and who better to start with then Max. His skill clears the center row of the which doesn't sound too crazy but then I point out that it only takes 11 Max's to charge his skill which is ridiculous considering the amount he clears...

The golden god.... wow deja vu
But if you don't have Max but managed to do decently enough to land this event exclusive tsum you are in luck my friend as he is quite comparable to him the only major difference is it takes 4 more 3P0's to charge the skill but considering if you did well and leveled up his skill that difference is negligible until you manage to max out Max........

Speak of Star Wars you must
AND if you managed to get one of the other limited Star Wars tsums specifically the short, stubby, green one that talks funny, You got another really good money farmer and he's even the best time stop tsum to boot....currently. His only problem is he can take a LONG time to charge but he can earn you a couple hundred per use if used correctly.
Enough about Star Wars what about the princesses
Well pretty much any Princess in this game is an amazing money farmer with a couple exceptions I won't name.... any who Jasmine is a good burst tsum there really isn't much else to say shes just a solid draw if you get her or just about any of the other princesses minus the one or two who aren't....

Man he just hustled those lemmings hard
So you remember that lovable goof Goofy well here's the direct upgrade. Nick Wilde here gets pretty ridiculous even at low skill level and can easily earn you close to a thousand coins a game if played well. And last but definitely one of the best.

We just can't let it go can we?
Meet Anna probably the best money farmer in the game currently but specifically Birthday Anna, and don't get me wrong if you only have normal Anna she can be just as good the main difference between the two is that Normal Anna takes one more tsum to charge the skill and she is worth around 100 more at max level but that's not quite the biggest difference while yes they have the same skill essentially B-day Anna plays a little animation when you chain together the Elsa's that she summons which makes it much easier to see how much you just cleared in that chain which can help you plan the next move but really its all preference. Another quite comparable tsum is Maleficent. 

Oh by the way this Mickey event we got is currently exclusive to the world wide server we could use some other exclusives or maybe just musical tsums haha and before I go I am aware that its a licensing issue....hopefully that's all it is. But next time I'll talk specifically about capsule's and major differences between our version of the game and japan's version of the game.

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