Friday, June 3, 2016

Star Wars Event Part 2

The Star Wars event has been going on for a bit over a month and the second event started now so here is some information about the events and all of the Star Wars Tsum Tsums. 
They show up at random
So to start off is the Star Destroyers the main goal of this part of the event and I hope you've been practicing against the Storm Troopers in the last part as its the entire event.
Up to three can show up at once
They get in the way and fill up the screen which can cause some headaches and may force you to use the fan. I've found using random clear tsums work best but none of the Star Wars characters do that so you won't get the bonus damage if you do this. You can also help your friends and I would recommend it if you have lots of friends. The first advantage to this is you will deal more damage if you assist in a fight and you can get capsules.
See that big grey ball?
These capsules are how you can finish C-3PO's Skill even if you didn't finish the last event as he will randomly come from the capsules along with power tickets and coins. So now onto the tsums and of course who to start with then....
The Main Character
Obviously I'm going to start with Luke Skywalker his skill clears tsums in an cross X fashion which can clear quite a bit even at low skill level.
Coming in hot
Look at him go!
And the finish
leveling his skill increases the size of the cross, his base score is 180 with a max of 1160 which is pretty decent it also take drawing Luke 32 times to max out his skill...that's gonna take a while. He is really useful for this event as there really isn't any blind spots in the skill allowing for him to easily clear the Storm Troopers. Next on our list is the Daddy of all villains....
Was that a spoiler?
Darth Vader is quite unique as his skill clears where you trace on the screen.
Look at that menacingness cute huh?
The red is where I traced
This means he has no problems clearing out his own men.... kinda messed up if you think too much about that. He has a base score of 100 and a maximum of 1276 he takes a whopping 36 redraws to max his skill... His skill is again interesting as it levels as it both increases the size of the swipes and decreases the required amount of Vader tsums needed to activate the skill, also on a side note he also kinda stops time I haven't tested if he counts as a timestop tsum but the timer definitely stops when you use his skill, and another note he doesn't build another skill during the skill if that makes sense so when you use the skill if you see a big Vader tsum try not to slash it so you can use it to rebuild the skill. That got long we should move onto something shorter...
See what I did there?
Yoda doesn't have the stature but he's quite gutsy his skill is probably one of the best time stop skills in the game but it requires a lengthy charge time but all of the chains you make count as one giant chain which makes him a really good money maker. Though I wouldn't recommend him for the event since he can't chain the Storm Troopers together or at least I haven't tried.... yep literally just confirmed it doesn't work ha...ha.. moving on!!
His calm before he starts kicking butt

You're already dead
His base score is 270 with a max of 1250 his skill takes 35 redraws I'm starting to see a lot of high numbers here... as his skill levels up it reduces the amount of tsums required to charge his skill from 25-20. So now lets move onto somebody around the same size...
He's kinda the same size but he's got heart
Its R2-D2 his skill clears tsums in three electricity arcs. Which is pretty great for clearing Storm Troopers.
Like see that capsule there?
He's also one of the few tsums that kinda talks in beeps.
Gotta love the beeps
His base score is 90 kinda low with a max of 972 that's kind of low but it only takes 15 tsums to charge the skill which isn't too bad but his skill also only takes 29 redraws to finish his skill which is the first on this list to be below 30 which is nice. his skill increases the size of the arcs and while we are talking about droids...
The newest character currently available
BB-8 the droid people went nuts over is also the first character from the new trilogy available. His skill clears a large chunk from the bottom rows.
Just rolling along
And clearing out the competition
He's pretty good at clearing Storm Troopers though they have to be at the bottom of the screen...obviously he also only requires 14 BB-8's for full charge. His base score is 888 hah see what they did there he also gains score at a rate of 2... for a max of....986.... well then... though just like R2 only requires 29 redraws for max skill which increases the size of the skill. So now lets talk about another droid...
The golden god
C-3PO the first event tsum from this event is quite good actually clearing a horizontal line through the middle of the screen but not a line more like a chunk or road through the middle kinda like Max. But unlike max's 11 charge it takes C-3PO 15.
He may be the tsum your using...
But we all know who does all the work
This makes him pretty good for the event but unfortunately he doesn't get the character bonus so that sucks... his base score is a solid 400 with a maximum of 988. He also only requires 9 redraws to max his skill which is quite nice which increases the size of the skill. Now last but definitely not least...
Who needs a man?
Princess Leia. While she doesn't get the character bonus like C-3PO she is probably one of the best Storm Trooper clearers her skill has her shooting a few times and clearing random spots and as you continue the event she gets better and better.
Aren't those buns great?
Smells like victory
Her base score is 400 with a max of 1037 and once you complete the event you'll have finished her skill so try your best. And with that we are done with all of the Star Wars tsums for now it's unfortunate we didn't get Kylo or Rei...or the musical tsums for Luke or Vader (Come on Disney) but we might get this stuff later on down the road so keep on destroying those destroyers and next week I'll talk about what I think are some of the best money makers in the game. And where the heck is Han!?

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